Lawn mowers

Lawn mowers

Thanks to their distinctive features, the Alpina lawn mowers are your best allies to create a wonderful garden. All are easy to use and maintain, and built from strong, resistant materials with powerful engines to guarantee high cutting performances.

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  1. AL1 3020 Li Kit

    AL1 3020 Li Kit

    An ultra-compact 30cm push-propelled cordless lawnmower equipped with a 20V Li-Ion battery.
  2. AL1 3420 Li Kit

    AL1 3420 Li Kit

    A lightweight but powerful push-type cordless lawnmower equipped with two 20V Li-Ion batteries and offering a 34cm cutting-width.
  3. AL1 3820 Li Kit

    AL1 3820 Li Kit

    This powerful but lightweight hand-propelled cordless lawnmower comes with two 20V Li-Ion batteries and has a 38cm width-of-cut.
  4. AL2 3848 Li Kit

    AL2 3848 Li Kit

    A high-performance 48V Li-Ion-powered cordless lawnmower packed with comfort and convenience features! It has a 38cm cut and comes...
  5. AL2 4248 Li Kit

    AL2 4248 Li Kit

    A 42cm hand-propelled cordless lawnmower supplied with a 48V Li-Ion battery. At just 18kg, it’s easy to manage for any gardener!...
  6. AL3 45

    AL3 45

    A 45cm, hand-push mulching mower with a 123cc STIGA OHV engine and a steel cutter-deck.
  7. AL3 45 S

    AL3 45 S

    A 123cc, self-propelled mulching lawnmower with a 45cm cutting-width and a STIGA OHV engine.
  8. AL4 46

    AL4 46

    A 125cc hand-push petrol lawnmower with a 46cm cutting-width and a steel chassis. The collector holds up to 60 litres.
  9. AL4 46 S

    AL4 46 S

    A self-propelled petrol lawnmower with a 125cc engine, a 46cm cutting-width and a 60-litre grassbox.
  10. AL4 46 SH

    AL4 46 SH

    A 145cc, Honda-powered self-propelled petrol lawnmower with a 60-litre grass collector and a 46cm cutting-width.
  11. AL4 51 SHQ

    AL4 51 SHQ

    This 145cc/51cm petrol lawnmower employs premium Honda power and offers four-in-one mowing as standard. Comes with a 60-litre coll...
  12. AL4 51 SQ

    AL4 51 SQ

    A 51cm, Briggs & Stratton-powered petrol lawnmower with a self-propelled drive, a 163cc engine and four cutting-options.
  13. AL5 41 A

    AL5 41 A

    The AL5 41 is a 41cm steel-deck petrol lawnmower with a 60-litre collector and a 123cc Stiga engine.
  14. AL5 4148 Li Kit

    AL5 4148 Li Kit

    Another 48V cordless powerhouse, the premium-grade AL5 4148 Li Kit is a steel-decked machine with a 41cm cut and a 60-litre collec...
  15. AL5 46 A

    AL5 46 A

    The AL5 46 A is a 139cc hand-propelled petrol lawnmower with a steel deck, a 60-litre grassbag and a 46cm cutting-width.
  16. AL5 46 SA

    AL5 46 SA

    The 139cc AL5 46 SA is a 46cm, steel-decked petrol lawnmower with a 60-litre collector and a self-propelled drive. Powered by STIG...
  17. AL5 46 SE

    AL5 46 SE

    This 46cm self-propelled petrol lawnmower is powered a 140cc electric-start engine and comes with a 60-litre grassbag.
  18. AL5 46 SHQ

    AL5 46 SHQ

    A 145cc petrol lawnmower with a Honda engine, a 46cm cut and a 60-litre collector. Also offers mulching and rear/side-discharge mo...
  19. AL5 46 SQ

    AL5 46 SQ

    A 46cm petrol lawnmower offering four cutting-options and equipped with a 125cc Briggs OHV engine. Supplied with a 60-litre catche...
  20. AL5 4648 Li Kit

    AL5 4648 Li Kit

    A sizeable 46cm cut and roomy 60-litre collector make this powerful 48V cordless hand-push mower ideal for medium-large lawns. Bat...
  21. AL5 4648 S Li Kit

    AL5 4648 S Li Kit

    Cover a larger lawn the fast, low-effort way with this 46cm self-propelled cordless lawnmower! Charger and 48V Li-Ion battery incl...
  22. AL5 51 SAQ

    AL5 51 SAQ

    The AL5 51 SAQ is a STIGA-powered self-propelled petrol lawnmower with a 60-litre grassbag and a 51cm cutting-width. Also offers r...
  23. AL5 51 SHQ

    AL5 51 SHQ

    The 166cc AL5 51 SHQ comes with a 60-litre collector and has a 51cm cutting-width. Powered by Honda.
  24. AL5 51 SQ

    AL5 51 SQ

    This 51cm/163cc petrol self-propelled lawnmower can either bag, mulch, rear-discharge or side-discharge. The collector holds up to...
  25. AL5 5148 S Li Kit

    AL5 5148 S Li Kit

    The largest and most powerful machine in the range, this model has a 51cm cut and comes with two 48V Li-Ion batteries.
  26. BL 320 E

    BL 320 E

    The BL 320 E is a 32cm electric lawnmower with a 1000W motor and a 25-litre grass-collector. Also features a rear-discharge mode.
  27. BL 340 EP

    BL 340 EP

    This 34cm electric lawnmower can either bag or rear-discharge and is powered by a 1400W motor. It’s hand-propelled and comes wit...
  28. BL 380 E

    BL 380 E

    A 38cm hand-push electric lawnmower with a 40-litre grassbox and a 1400W motor. Also capable of rear-discharging cut grass.
  29. BL 380 EP

    BL 380 EP

    This 1600W hand-propelled electric lawnmower has a 38cm working-width and can either bag or rear-discharge. Comes with a 40-litre ...
  30. BL 420 EP

    BL 420 EP

    A hand-push electric lawnmower with a 1800W motor, a 50-litre grassbox and a 42cm cut. In addition to collection, there’s also a...
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