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  1. AVS 20 Li Kit

    AVS 20 Li Kit

    Trim hedges, collect the clippings and spread this nutritious mulch around your garden. The Alpina AVS 20 Li Kit Vacuum Shredder a...
  2. AH1 3020 Li Kit

    AH1 3020 Li Kit

    The Alpina AH1 3020 Li Kit is a cordless hover mower. It can mow small and simple lawn quickly and effortlessly. Its patented desi...
  3. AST 48 Li KIT

    AST 48 Li KIT

    Tackle fresh snow up to 15cm deep and clear your driveway, patio and steps with ease – even in temperatures as low as -20°. Our...
  4. AL1 38 E

    AL1 38 E

    A 38cm hand-push electric lawn mower with a 40-litre grassbox and a 1400W motor.
  5. AL1 34 E

    AL1 34 E

    This 34cm electric lawn mower can either bag or rear-discharge and is powered by a 1200W motor. It’s hand-propelled and comes wi...
  6. AT4 98 HWA

    AT4 98 HWA

    A powerful twin-cylinder lawn tractor with a 586cc STIGA engine, a 98cm double-blade cutter-deck and a foot-pedal hydrostatic tran...
  7. AT4 98 HA

    AT4 98 HA

    A 98cm garden tractor with a 452cc STIGA engine and a hydrostatic drive. Can either mulch clippings or collect them in a 200-litre...
  8. AT4 84 Electric

    AT4 84 Electric

    An 84cm electric garden-tractor with a 48V Li-Ion battery giving an extended 45-minute run-time. For areas up to 3000m2.
  9. AT4 84 HA

    AT4 84 HA

    The AT4 84 HA comes with an 84cm cutter-deck and is powered by a high-performance 414cc STIGA single-cylinder engine. It features ...
  10. AT4 84 A

    AT4 84 A

    The 352cc AT4 84 A is a manual-drive lawn tractor equipped with an STIGA single-cylinder engine and an 84cm working-width. 200-lit...
  11. AT8 122 HWA

    AT8 122 HWA

    A powerful and fast-working 635cc/122cm lawn-tractor with an extra-roomy 300-litre catcher and a smooth hydrostatic drive. Mulch-k...
  12. AT3 108 HA

    AT3 108 HA

    A side-discharge and mulch-capable lawn tractor with a 108cm cut, a 452cc STIGA engine and a hydrostatic drive. Quality features i...
  13. AT8 102 HWA

    AT8 102 HWA

    This well-equipped lawn-tractor has a 102cm cut, a 300-litre grassbag and a 635cc V-twin-engine; a combination that makes it a gre...
  14. AT3 98 Electric

    AT3 98 Electric

    A 48V, side-discharge electric garden-tractor featuring Li-Ion battery power and offering a 98cm cutting-width. Ideal for areas ar...
  15. AT3 98 HA

    AT3 98 HA

    This 98cm lawn-tractor can either side-discharge or mulch clippings and features a foot-pedal hydrostatic drive. Power comes from ...
  16. AT3 98 A

    AT3 98 A

    A 98cm manual transmission lawn-tractor with a 352cc Alpina OHV engine and a side-discharge cutter-deck. Can also be set-up to mul...
  17. AT2 72 A

    AT2 72 A

    The AT2 72 A is a 352cc manual-drive ride-on mower with an Alpina OHV engine and a 72cm cutting deck. Supplied with a 170-litre gr...
  18. AT2 66 QA

    AT2 66 QA

    This 66cm ride-on mower is a four-in-one machine with a high-performing STIGA OHV engine. The cutting-options are as follows: coll...
  19. AL5 46 SAEQ

    AL5 46 SAEQ

    This 46cm self-propelled petrol lawn mower is powered a 140cc electric-start engine and comes with a 60-litre grassbag.
  20. AL4 46 SA

    AL4 46 SA

    A self-propelled petrol lawn mower with a 125cc engine, a 46cm cutting-width and a 60-litre grassbox.
  21. AL4 46 A

    AL4 46 A

    A 125cc hand-push petrol lawn mower with a 46cm cutting-width and a steel chassis. The collector holds up to 60 litres.
  22. AHT 48 Li Kit

    AHT 48 Li Kit

    The 48V AHT 48 Li K comes with a 2Ah Li-Ion battery and features a three-position rear handle and 58cm laser-cut blades. Weighs ju...
  23. APR 527 (10)"

    APR 527 (10)"

    This 26.9cc petrol chainsaw has a 0.7kW-rated engine and comes equipped with a 25cm guide-bar. Machine weight is just 3.6kg.
  24. ACS 552 (20)"

    ACS 552 (20)"

    The ACS 552 comes with a 50cm guide-bar and is powered by a 52cc (2.3kW) engine. Product weight is just 6.9kg.
  25. SW 60 P

    SW 60 P

    Self-propelled outdoor sweeper with petrol engine and 60 cm clearing width.
  26. ACS 200 ET (16)"

    ACS 200 ET (16)"

    The 2000w ACS 200 ET electric chainsaw features a dual-action chain brake and is supplied with a 40cm guide-bar. Weighs 5.7kg.
  27. ACS 180 E (14)"

    ACS 180 E (14)"

    This 1800w electric chainsaw comes with a 35cm guide-bar and features a dual-action chain brake. It weighs just 5.4kg.
  28. ABR 55 D

    ABR 55 D

    The ABR 55 D is a 52.8cc ‘bike’-handle petrol brushcutter equipped with a full shoulder harness, a metal blade and a nylon-lin...
  29. ABR 45 D

    ABR 45 D

    This ‘bike’-handled petrol brushcutter weighs 7.9kg and features a 44.8cc/1.5kW engine. Metal blade, line head and harness all...
  30. ABR 35 D

    ABR 35 D

    The ‘bike’-handled ABR 35 D has a 35.5cc/1.2kW petrol engine and weighs 8.6kg. Harness, metal blade and line head all included...
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