C 215 D

Battery charger

C 215 D dual standard battery charger.
  • 20V power
  • Charging current 2A
  • Two charging slots
  • Standard charging speed
  • EU plug
Tax Included

Product details and specs

C 215 D dual standard battery charger, compatible with all 20V batteries. Charging current 2A, standard charging speed and two charging slots available. Equipped with EU plug.

Technical specs

General info
20 Volt
Charging speed
Charging current
2 A
Plug type
Europlug (Type C)
Tools kit
Battery charger
Dual standard
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
0.672 kg
Product weight
0.581 kg
Product length
215 mm
Product width
160 mm
Product height
103 mm

Compatible Products

  • Battery kit included
ATR 20 Li Kit
Battery lawn trimmer - brushcutter
Cutting width
25 cm
0.15 kW
Handle type
Loop Adjustable
  • Battery kit included
AHT 20 Li Kit
Battery hedge trimmer
Teeth distance
26 mm
Cutting length
50 cm
0.15 kW
  • Battery kit included
ABL 20 Li Kit
Battery blower
Maximum air speed
32 m/s
Maximum air volume
9 m³/min
Product weight
2.035 kg
  • Battery kit included
AMT 20 Li Kit
Battery multi-tool
Hedger attachment
Pruner attachment


How many batteries can it recharge at a time?
The charger is a dual standard one, so it can recharge up to 2 batteries at a time.
How many Ah does this charger have?
Charging current is 2 Ah.
Which batteries can this charger recharge?
All batteries from the 20V range.
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