AT3 108 HA

Petrol tractor

A side-discharge and mulch-capable lawn tractor with a 108cm cut, a 432 cc STIGA ST 450 single-cylinder engine and a hydrostatic drive. Quality features include an electromagnetic blade-clutch and large, high-traction rear wheels. Mulching-kit optional.
  • 108 cm cutting deck and strong-built side discharge funnel to manage lawns up to 6500 m2.
  • Equipped with powerful STIGA single-cylinder engine.
  • Simply choose among 7 possible cutting height settings, to fit your lawn's needs.
  • Blades can be easily engaged thanks to PTO electromagnetic clutch.
  • Easy speed management, thanks to pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission.
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Product details and specs

Expansive areas of overgrown, out-of-control grass can be quickly and efficiently tamed with this 108cm side-discharge garden tractor from Alpina!
It might be a substantial machine, but the Alpina AT3 108 HA is nevertheless highly maneuverable, with its infinitely adjustable hydrostatic transmission enabling precision ground-speed control and ensuring you’ll find it much easier to work around obstacles than you would with a stop-start manually-driven model.
The AT3 108 HA isn’t just for long growth - with the purchase and fitting of the optional mulch-plug, you’ll be able to achieve a beautifully neat finish on a well-maintained formal lawn.
Alpina’s provision of seven preset heights-of-cut means you’ll be able to manage a diverse range of conditions; while large wheels provide high-grip traction in damp weather and on muddy surfaces.
Thanks to an electromagnetic PTO clutch, engaging the blades on the AT3 108 HA couldn’t be easier.
Power comes from a large-displacement 432cc STIGA ST 450 single-cylinder engine with fuel-saving, emission-limiting and noise-reducing overhead-valve (OHV) technology.
Also featured is a front bumper for peace of mind in terms of impact resistance; and twin headlights that make it possible to continue working long into the evening if necessary.

Technical specs

General info
Battery capacity
18 Ah
7.5 kW
Power source
Engine Brand
Engine model
ST 450 Powered by STIGA
432 cm³
Engine rotation speed
2800 rpm
Battery Voltage
12 V
Engine cooling
Fuel tank capacity
6 l
Suggested working area
6000 ㎡
Cutting system
Minimum uncut radius
65 cm
Cutting width
108 cm
Reverse mowing
Blade rotation
Cutting height adjustment
Manual with lever
Cutting height positions
7 positions
Cutting height range
25 - 80 mm
Number of blades
Blade type
Additional cutting method
Blade engagement type
Drive system
Rear-wheel drive
Transmission method
Transmission type
Steering wheel
Alpina ergonomic
Seat type
Alpina smart with low back support
Seat adjustment
Front wheel size
Rear wheel size
Hour meter
Cruise control
Washing link
Storage compartment
Cup holder
Pivoting front axle
Antiscalp wheels
Safety system
Seat with Safety Contact Breaker
Tools kit
Mulching kit
Battery charger
Trailer hitch kit
Vibration and noise data
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Max vibration on driver's seat (m/s2)
Max vibration on steering wheels (m/s2)
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
207.7 kg
Product length
1726 mm
Product width
1315 mm
Product height
1100 mm
Product weight
169 kg


What is the proper way to clean the lawn tractor after mowing the grass?
The exterior of the tractor mower must be cleaned with water and detergent, paying attention not to get water in the electrical system, motor and circuit board located under the instrument panel. The collection bag should be emptied and cleaned of residue, then remounted so the cutting assembly can be washed, and then removed, rinsed and allowed to dry. When washing the cutting device assembly and the expulsion chute, the collection bag or rear discharge shield must be fitted, the operator must be seated, the cutting device assembly must be in position “1”, the engine running, transmission placed in neutral and the cutting device must be connected. Then connect a water hose to the appropriate pipe fittings and allow the water to flow for a few minutes while keeping the cutting devices in motion.
What action should be carried out before winter storage or before storing it for a period longer than 30 days?
After allowing the engine to cool down and fully recharging the battery, disconnect the battery cables and store it in a cool and dry place. Empty the fuel tank, clean the machine thoroughly, check the condition of the cutting device assembly, and, if necessary, contact the service centre. Then store the machine with the cutting deck in a lowered position, in a sheltered environment and, if possible, covered with a sheet.
What action should be carried out before initially using a riding tractor that has been stored over a winter or for a period longer than 30 days?
Refuel it and check the oil level, air filter and petrol filter. Check that the tyres are correctly pressurised and then set up the machine according to how you intend to carry out the mowing (side discharge, collection, rear discharge, mulching). For further information about the preliminary operations and safety checks, please refer to the designated sections of the instructions manual.
What standard maintenance operations does the lawn mower tractor need?
Before each use, we recommend that you perform safety and control checks, check the tyre pressure, and replenish the fuel and oil tank, if necessary. After each use, arrange for a general cleaning of the riding tractor. Please refer to the designated section of the instruction manual (“maintenance table”) for the regular actions recommended to ensure optimal use of the machine.
What are the cutting functions of the lawn tractor?
The riding tractor can be set up in different cutting modes: rear bag collection or rear discharge, or mowing and chopping the grass using the special “mulching kit” function. The mulching cutting system allows you to mow the grass into fine particles, which remain on the lawn, restore nutrients and support growth.
What kinds of parts and accessories can the riding tractor be equipped with?
The tractor mower can be equipped with various parts and accessories to increase its functions and ensure maximum versatility all year round. For the complete list of parts and accessories, please refer to the relevant product page on the website.
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