ACH 2.2 E

Electric chipper and shredder

Manage garden waste in the most eco-friendly way: thanks to this chipper, you can get rid of branches up to 40mm thickness and collect chipped waste in the 50L textile bag.
  • Electric chipper, made to manage garden waste
  • 100% environmentally-friendly, electric engine
  • Equipped with reversible blades, to chip branches up to 40 mm thickness
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble, always ready to go
  • Includes 50L textile bag collector
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Product details and specs

Alpina ACH 2.2 E electric chipper is the right tool if you are looking for an eco-friendly, efficient way to get rid of garden waste. Its reversible blades can chip branches up to 40 mm in diameter. This tool is compact in size and easily assembled, so you can choose to also transport it. The textile bag can hold up to 50 litres of shredded material. The electric engine releases no emissions and just few noise.


Get rid of garden wast, in an eco-friendly way!
Shred garden waste in small pieces and collect it in the bag, so it can be used for compost.
The electric engine makes these machines 100% eco-friendly.

What's in the box

ACH 2.2 E
ACH 2.2 E
Electric chipper and shredder
  • lensPlastic feeder
  • lensTextile collector bag

Technical specs

General info
2.2 kW
Power source
Motor type
With brushes
Maximum motor speed
3650 rpm
Cutting system
Reverse function
Maximum branch diameter
40 mm
Adjustable working width
Collector capacity
50 l
Collector type
Plug type
Schuko (Type F)
Tools kit
Included tools kit
Vibration and noise data
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
13.66 kg
Product weight
11.306 kg
Product length
443 mm
Product width
487 mm
Product height
945 mm


What type of material can be shredded with this garden shredder?
This wood chipper was designed to break down the waste from pruning and cutting trees, hedges and plants in general. We recommend that branches with lengths and diameters larger than the maximum size recommended in the user manual are not to inserted into the machine.
Limit the insertion of wet material and alternate with dry branches to avoid blockages.
How is the material broken down once inserted into the chipper?
The garden shredder shreds the material using a disc with a dual rotating blade.
Once inserted into the mouth, is the material automatically pulled in by the chipper?
The progressive cutting of the inserted material leads to it gradually being pulled into the cutting mouth. If the material is particularly bulky, to the extent that it slows this operation down, the supplied baton allows you to push the material in safely.
Can it also be used with plastic and cardboard?
No. The garden shredder was not developed to process this type of material.


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