ABR 42

Petrol lawn trimmer - brushcutter

A powerful brushcutter, made to face wild vegetation, thanks to its 42.7cc petrol engine and ergonomic loop handle, improving comfort. Maintenance is extremely easy. Double harness ensures maximum comfort.
  • Perfect to cut wildly grown grass and thick vegetation, thanks to included blade
  • Powerful 42,7 cc petrol engine
  • Ergonomic and comfortable loop handle
  • Easy start system to start engine even with low outside temperatures
  • Easy to maintain, thanks to Tap&Go nylon head
  • Excellent comfort, thanks to included luxury double harness
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Product details and specs

The ‘loop’-handled ABR 42 is supplied with two cutter-heads (brush-blade; line-head) and features a 42.7cc two-stroke engine. A double-shoulder harness is included in the package.
Capable of handling tougher domestic grass-trimming and brush cutting tasks, the powerful Alpina ABR 42 combines a torque-optimizing 26mm-diameter drive-shaft with a high-capacity 42.7cc two-stroke air-cooled engine rated at an impressive 1.7hp (1.25kW).
Alpina’s provision of a luxury double-shoulder harness ensures the comfortable completion of extended landscaping applications; while their Easy Start system makes getting started a rapid, no-stress operation.
The ABR 42 comes with two different cutter-heads - there’s a three-tooth metal brush-blade for heavier-duty jobs; and a nylon-line head for lighter-duty trimming and mowing (the line-head benefits from a time-saving Tap & Go mechanism).
The compact ‘loop’ handle on this model means you’ll have no trouble working in space-restricted areas.


Get cutting!
Easy Start makes getting going fast and stress-free.
Tap and go!
Advance the line by simply tapping the cutter-head on the ground!
Maximum comfort
The double harness enhances working comfort and avoids any kind of stress on arms and shoulders.

What's in the box

ABR 42
ABR 42
Petrol lawn trimmer - brushcutter
  • lensNylon head
  • lensMetal blade
  • lensHarness
  • lensPlastic bottle
  • lensScrewdriver
  • lensSocket spanner

Technical specs

General info
1.25 kW
Power source
Petrol 2-stroke
42.7 cm³
Engine rotation speed
9500 rpm
Maximum engine speed
9500 rpm
Idling speed (+/- 100)
3100 rpm
Easy start recoil
Manual with automatic return
Fuel tank capacity
1 l
Carburettor type
Butterfly valve
Ignition coil type
Air filter type
Cutting system
Nylon line diameter (millimeter)
Cutting width
45 cm
Nylon head type
Tap & Go dual line
Nylon line length
4 m
Blade type
3 T
Blade diameter
255 mm
Handle type
Vibe Control System (VCS)
Shaft type
Shaft tube diameter
26 mm
Inner shaft diameter
8 mm
Soft grip handle
Tools kit
Included tools kit
Spark plug key, screwdriver
Vibration and noise data
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Vibration level front handle (m/s2)
Vibration level rear handle (m/s2)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
13.3 kg
Product weight without cutting system
7.8 kg
Product length
1880 mm
Product width
385 mm
Product height
348 mm
Product weight
8.6 kg


What kind of protective gear should I use?
Using this brushcutter petrol requires clothing that protects the legs and face from objects that could unexpectedly be thrown out during operation. It is always recommended to wear long trousers and a protective visor.
What kind of maintenance should I carry out?
To ensure that the brush cutter is functioning correctly and to maximise its lifespan, we recommend regular (based on the frequency and intensity of use) cleaning of the air filter, sparking plug and cutting head (trimmer head and guard) – parts where a lot of dirt constantly builds up.
Remember that it is important to consult the user and maintenance manual for details of each of these tasks.
Which type of grass and shrubs can you work on?
This petrol brush cutter is able to tackle coarser plant conditions, from dense bushes with tall grass to shrub areas, where you can also cut the more stubborn plants and shrubs using the supplied metal blade.
How do you adjust the length of the line?
This model is fitted with a head using the Tap&Go system. This means that, while the machine is operating, you just have to press the control lever all the way to bring the head to maximum rotation and at the same time knock the head against the ground, which causes the line to feed out automatically. Its length can be adjusted simply, by cutting any excess to the length of the cutting blade located on the end of the guard.
For further information, see the instruction manual.
The line no longer feeds out from the head. What might have happened?
The line failing to feed out may be associated with two main factors. The first, and the most likely, is that the line might be all used up and should therefore be replaced with a new reel. There is also the possibility that the line within the head has accidentally become caught in its own windings, and is preventing the end from freely feeding out through the holes. In this case, simply open the head and re-spool the line correctly inside.
These causes and solutions normally cover the majority of cases, but there may be a variety of others, associated with the methods of use, the surface treated and the weather conditions.
Note that consulting the user manual, in the section relating to the cutting head, may provide useful information for identifying the nature of the problem.
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