ABL 2.6 E

Electric blower

The perfect partner to get quickly rid of dead leaves, cut grass and dirt: this blower reaches an air speed of 92 m/s and includes vacuum function with a 45L leaf collector. The electric engine is 100% environmentally-firendly.
  • A powerful leaf blower, combining vacuum function
  • 100% environmentally-friendly, electric engine
  • Maximum air speed 92 m/s
  • Includes 45L leaf collector
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Product details and specs

Performing, easy to handle and eco-friendly: the Alpina ABL 2.6 E blower will keep your garden clean and free from dead leaves, dirt, dust, grass cuttings. The included 45L leaf collector allows you to use this blower also in vacuum function. The maximum air speed reaches 92 m/s.


100% environmentally-friendly
Thanks ti its electric engine, this blower releases no emissions and less noise.
A clean job
This blower will quickly clean your garden from dirt, dust, dead leaves and grass cuttings

What's in the box

ABL 2.6 E
ABL 2.6 E
Electric blower
  • lensBlowing tube
  • lensVacuum tube
  • lensVacuum collecting bag

Technical specs

General info
2.6 kW
Power source
Motor type
Maximum motor speed
16800 rpm
Working system
Maximum air volume
7 m³/min
Maximum air speed
92 m/s
Vacuum function
Vacuum bag capacity
45 l
Vibe Control System (VCS)
Soft grip handle
Plug type
Schuko (Type F)
Vibration and noise data
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Vibration level hand (m/s2)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
6.2 kg
Product weight
4.62 kg
Product length
580 mm
Product width
220 mm
Product height
1215 mm


What instructions should I follow to adjust the blowing power?
You should always adjust the intensity of the air flow according to the type of material to be removed:
- low speed for light materials and small twigs on the grass.
- medium speed for moving grass and light leaves on asphalt or solid ground.
- maximum speed for heavier materials such as fresh snow, wet leaves or large pieces of dirt.
You are always recommended to pay careful attention to prevent the material removed or dust from injuring people or animals and damaging
property. Always check the wind direction and never work against the wind.
For more details, please see the user manual.
Is it also possible to use the leaf blower as a vacuum? If yes, what material can be collected?
Yes, this leaf blower has a vacuum + mulcher function and has a collection bag for the vacuumed material.
The vacuumed material is also mulched before being conveyed into the collection bag. This makes it ideal for collecting leaves, grass and small twigs with a diameter less than 4 mm.
It is recommended not to collect wet grass or leaves to avoid obstructing the internal pipes and the mulching rotor.
What should I do if other objects get vacuumed up unintentionally?
If this type of situation occurs, you are recommended to:
- shut the leaf blower down immediately
- remove the vacuum tube
- remove the foreign body via the
vacuum mouth
Lastly, ensure that the mulching rotor and the pipes are completely free before using the leaf blower again.
Can I fill the collection bag completely?
It is recommended not to fill the collection bag right up to the top but to empty it beforehand. This results in greater operating comfort, given the reduced weight of the bag, and the leaf blower operating efficiently.


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