ALPINA snow shovel

Say bye bye to the old shovel and to hard work! Light, handy and easy to use, transport and store - it does not need any maintenance and is ideal to clear off snow from flat surfaces and small alleys.

Cordless 48 V - One battery for multiple uses!

A single battery for multiple products: this system allows you to enjoy gardening in a simple, clever way and in complete harmony with nature.

ALPINA AR1 - The ideal partner for your lawn care

AR1 is the new born of the range and enriches of even more ease and handiness the robotic ALPINA assortment.

ALPINA AR2 - The ideal partner for your lawn care

Intelligent, autonomous, easy, safe, ecological and silent, the new ALPINA robot will immediately become an irreplaceable partner in caring for your lawn.

ALPINA electric blower

A powerful, light and handy product ideal for tidying up green areas, especially in autumn. This tool can be used as a blower, vacuum collector and grinder, so that it can reduce waste by up to 90% of its original mass.

ALPINA lawn tractor 84 cm

Cut and collect the grass into the capacious 240 L grass-catcher. With its 90 cm maximum width, it fits any garden gate. Easy engagement of cutting blades by electromagnetic clutch and adjustable cutting height from 25 to 80 mm.

ALPINA Petrol trimmer

Petrol trimmer with Tap & Go nylon head and 26 mm curved, split transmission to tidy and finish the lawn mower's work around trees and near edges.

ALPINA Petrol brushcutter

Petrol brushcutter with Tap & Go nylon head, bike handle and double comfort harness to cut in motion tall grass in large areas, fields and ditches.

ALPINA electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mower with powerful brush motor and dual hand switch. Centralized wheels adjustment for accurate and fast setting of the cutting height.

ALPINA black range lawn tractor

Cut and collect the grass into the capacious 200 L grass-catcher. 84 cm cutting deck housing cutting blades with wings to improve grass convoy, easy engageable by electromagnetic clutch. Adjustable cutting height from 25 to 80 mm. Dashboard equipped with 1 led.

ALPINA black range mulching lawn mower

Self propelled lawn mower with front wheel drive system. Mulching technology, wheels adjustment on 3 levers, accelerator on handle and ergonomic handlebar.