AS 55


Quick Overview

The Alpina AS 55 snow thrower is the perfect dual-stage snow thrower for homeowners in need of an easy-to-use machine that performs well. This tool clears snow up to 40 cm high from medium size areas like garage driveways, sidewalks and paths. Its adjustable skid shoes and 12" arctic-trac tyres provide solid traction at 5 different speeds. Equipped with a GGP 182cc engine and 55 cm saw-toothed shaped auger, the AS 55 snow thrower can deal with almost any kind of snow from light dustings to wet snow, throwing it up to 8 metres. Power source: Petrol Platform: Two stages Working width: 55 cm Snow-throwing distance: 1-8 m

Auger: Toothed

No matter the kind of snow you have to clear, this auger helps to crush even hard snow for better outcomes.

Chute Rotation, On Chute

For adjusting the direction of the snow.

Coldstart system

The engines are specifically engineered for Winter use, Choke and Primer make the easy to start.

Deflector Control, on Chute

Limits the throwing distance in narrow areas.

Free Handgrip

With this system you can hold the 2 levers and use the free hand for adjusting Auger and Deflector

Two stage

Got lots of snow? Or a gravel driveway? Then a twostage snow thrower is the perfect solution (unless, of course, you want to spend your entire mornings and evenings shoveling – but we’re guessing you don’t). Built to handle large quantities of snow on all types of surfaces, our two-stage snow throwers efficiently chew through even the most compact drifts. They throw the snow up to 15 meters away... imagine that. But, thanks to the electrically adjustable chute (available on some models), where the snow is going to land is completely up to you. Or your neighbor.

Auger diameter 24 cm
Auger width 55 cm
Chute material Plastic
Deflector material Plastic
Homologation code ST202
One Hand grip Yes
Platform Two Stages
Steerable No
Throwing performance 1-8 m
Chute rotation 180°
Cold Start Choke and Primer
Electric start No
Throttle control Yes
Cleaning tool Yes
Cover Optional
Impeller blades 3
Impeller diameter 23 cm
Heated handgrip No
Chute control Center crank
Deflector control On chute
Vibration level (left/right handle) 9,7 m/s²
Auger type Steel - toothed
Auger house height 40 cm
Wheel sizes 12"
Wheel size 300 mm
Gross weight 0,999 kg
Fuel tank capacity 2,8 L
Type of wheel Snow Hog
Characteristics Benefits Dual stage efficiency
Wheel size 12
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 910x650x740 mm
Sound power level (LWA) 87 dB(A)
Article number 18-2859-41
Net weight 64 kg
Power Source SM65
Engine net power 3,4 kW
Engine model SM 65
Displacement 182 cm³
EAN code 7313321801625
Number of gears 4F + 2R
Noise level guaranteed 101 dB(A)
Headlights No Headlight
Transmission type Friction disc
Engine rpm 3600 rpm
Engine Brand GGP
Working width 55 cm
Overload protection Shear bolts
Wheels Snow Hog
No data available

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