C 1648 Li


Quick Overview

Take care of your garden independently and freely, and every task will become easy. Powered by the top, long lasting 48V 4 Ah Lithium battery and 1200 W brushless motor, the Alpina C 1648 Li battery chainsaw is provided with a 16"- 40 cm bar, automatic oil pump, quick chain tensioning system. Battery and charger not included.

48 V technology

High voltage technology leads to a better and more fluid use of power and less stress for motor, even during the hardest working sessions

Brushless motor

Brushless motors, thanks to electromagnets instead of mechanical brushes, provide higher efficiency reducing energy losses. Brushless motors assure a lower battery consumption and reduced noise, plus a significantly longer run time between maintenance intervals.

Double chain brake

In case of kickback, the double braking system is able to stop the chain in a fraction of a second. The inertial device automatically stops the chain speed in case of inproper contact while the manual brake is easily activated by operator's hand on the safety guard

Li-ion technology

New state of the art technology based on high performing lithium batteries. The most modern solution to reach improved performance combined with longer working time

Oil level window

A small but useful transparent window allows, in every moment, to check the oil level and refill the tank when it's empty

Overload protection

In case of chain sticks, the motor automatically activate a safety shut down any electrical power surges. Just pressing a single botton to reactivate the standard conditions

Quick Tensioning System

Allows the drivers to change the wheels in second by simply removing a metal retaining ring.

Softgrip handle

Softgrip is a special rubber which protect the handle where it get holded while the machine is in use. Absorbing part of the vibrations while augmenting the grip it makes more comfortable the use of your machine.

Article number 274161000/A15
EAN code 8008984632813
Power Source Lithium-ion battery
Motor type Brushless
Motor power 1200 W
Suggested battery capacity 4.0 Ah
Maximum speed 6000 rpm
Overload protection Yes
Bar length 40 cm
Bar length inches 16 "
Bar type Sprocket nose
Chain type 3/8" .050" (91PX-56X)
Chain brake Manual
Chain speed 11,8 m/s
Oil tank capacity 0,2 L
Oil pump Automatic
Tensioning system Quick side tensioning
Handle type Rear handle
Soft grip handle Yes
Included tools kit -
Battery included No
Battery charger type Not included
Net weight 3,7 kg
Net weight without bar and chain 3 kg
Gross weight 5,4 kg
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH) 260 X 460 X 250 mm
Anti-vibration system (AVS) -
Vibrations level (front/rear handle) 2,6 / 1,8 m/s�
Sound power level (LWA) 103 dB(A)
No data available

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